After Sales

After sales and How we can help

Our After Sales team at Ocean Key Property will not leave your side until you are ready for us to go. Our after sales team will help you with all your needs.

We will make sure your experience of buying a property in Portugal is worry free.

Below you will find some of the after sales services we can provide for you. These services will help to make your new property exactly what you have in mind.

Rental License

You must have a rental license in Portugal when you are planning on renting out your property. We can also help you obtain this license if the property you have purchased does not already have one.


Ocean Key Property can help you find an insurance company to insure your property and its contents. The insurance will also cover your guests while they are on holiday.

Furniture packs

It is worth considering a specialist company to furnish your new property as they can provide and install a wide range of furnishings. These types of companies offer packages to suit your budget and will also deliver and Install everything you will need.

We can also help you pick out what you believe you will need to make your property more to your taste.


Our professional team will help you connect utilities. If the utilities are already connected then we will help you change them into your name.

Property Updating

We will also help you with any building works even if just a bit of TLC, refurbishment, a complete renovation or new build.

As with any project we will discuss every step of the way with you.

At Ocean Key Property we will do our best to make all your dreams come true

Currency Exchange

When buying a property it is often necessary to exchange large sums of money into a foreign currency. These types of transactions are nearly always best to be done by a currency broker.

Please see below our recommendation for such a service

If you need to know how the currency market works please follow the link or information on buying process in Portugal please see the following link

After Sales
After Sales