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Contact Ocean Key Property

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Portugal Office:

Joanne Wooding; Director,Office admin.

Office: 351- 289 102 122

Mobile: 351- 932799686

Email; [email protected]

Liam Purdie; Manager

Email; [email protected]

Paul J Martins; Sales

Office: 351- 289 102 116

Mobile: 351-932799685

Email; [email protected]

Uk National Rate Number

0330 038 8810

Phone calls and emails will also be answered after office hours to help keep in touch with all your needs!



Urb. O Monte, CC. Abel Carrasquinho, Lots 1, 1 Andar, Fr. S Loja 15, Vale Rabelho.

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  • Mon - Fri : 10 am to 5 pm

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