Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

A currency exchange is a licensed business that allows customers to exchange one currency for another. Currency Exchange companies are now making life simple for people needing to exchange money wherever they are in the world. Whether you are looking to buy a property abroad, or need spending money then Currency Index is here to help. With their financial currency experts Currency Index will help you organize your finances and offer you a competitive exchange rate. No matter where you live Currency index will provide you with a friendly and personalized stress free service.

About Currency Index

Currency Index was formed in 2008 to provide individuals and businesses with a service that offers competitive exchange rates for all exchanges made. In 2009, Currency Index became one of the first currency brokers to become an Authorized Payment Institution under FSA regulations. At Currency Index their clients can always depend on a friendly and familiar voice to guide them through their transactions.


Purchasing currency in advance is cost effective as it offers a fixed rate when exchanging funds on a later date. Currency Index can also help transfer your pension or just help pay a utility bill. With their simple and secure service Currency Index makes transactions cost effective with their exchange rates being better than the banks. Also they can help with saving money when purchasing a property abroad, monthly bills or just personal funds.


Currency Index with their dedicated and professional account managers will be there to help with all your financial needs. Your account manager will also guide you step by step and answer any questions you may have along the way. With your personal account you will find it takes less time to organize your financial needs. Currency Index will help you organize your payments in advance alleviating monthly stress.


With your personal account you can manage your payments and also have control of all your financial movements. Your personal account will also give you a secure control of your money and transactions.

Currency Exchange, Currency Exchange


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