Property City: <span>Alcacer Do Sal</span>

Alcacer do Sal Alcacer do Sal is situated to the south of the Setubal district. The municipality of Alcacer from Sal rises over the tranquil Sado River. And where it mirrors the white of the houses that flank the entire waterfront. So It is from the river that many families are supported along with agriculture. The surrounding landscape rewards us with its meadows and its plains, but above all with the unique richness of the Sado Estuary. The gastronomy is rich in river fish dishes. Alentejo flavors and pine nuts sweets a king ingredient in these banks is not unnoticed. The low lying countryside is a patchwork of rice fields and coniferous woodland that yields a big pine nut harvest. But Alcacer do Sal is still marshaled by a medieval castle and with a superb museum in its crypt that brings to light 2,700 years of history. So on the estuary you might catch sight of the resident pod of dolphins. If you trace the river down to the coast the Trojan Peninsula has flawless white beaches that need to be seen to be believed. Should you prefer the coastline, there are some quality beaches to be had at Comporta, Torre, Carvalhal, Fox or Galé.

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