Property City: Alenquer

AlenquerTowns and Villages This town Alenquer of Moorish origin. The village of Alenquer was recaptured for the Christians by Dom Afonso Henriques. The first King of Portugal, in the 12th century, in his offensive towards Lisbon, which is only 35 kilometers. This is popularly known as the vila-presépio (“crib town”), due to the harmonious layout of its houses on a slope, giving it the shape of an amphitheater. Several important figures in the history of Portugal were born in Alenquer. Such as Pêro de Alenquer. A 16th-century Portuguese navigator who rounded the Cape of Storms (Cape of Good Hope), and Damião de Góis. A great humanist and an important figure of the Renaissance in Portugal (17th century). The main event in this place is the Fair of the Ascension, held annually in May or June (depending on the date of that moveable feast). Which attracts many visitors to the region. If you need to know how the currency market is please follow the link or information on the buying process in Portugal please see the following link

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