Farm For Sale in Vila Franca de Xira



Farm For Sale in Vila Franca de Xira

This Farm For Sale in Vila Franca de Xira also offers 1.8 hectares of land with 670 m² being Urban land and the other part with 17355 m² being Rustic Land.

REFERENCE: ci14442

Urban Land a building of the 19th century with 415 m²

  • nine rooms, very well distributed over 2 floors,
  • patio with 355 m².
  • Lawned garden with 2520 m² (illuminated by 4 charming and powerful antique lamps), where there are 5 palm trees, 4 olive trees, 3 meerose pines, 2 almond trees, 2 fig trees and 1 aroeira.
  • One swimming pool (4.8×10.2 m²).

Rustic Land 9495 m² Details

  • 60 tame pines,
  • 40 arbutus
  • 20 corms;
  • 4080 m² of pine forest,
  • 50 tame pine trees;
  • 1000 m² of oak forest,
  • between beautiful rocky outcrops
  • 260 m² of horticultural exploitation.

In an area protected by the National Ecological Reserve, Quinta da Gaivota has

  • an artesian borehole with a 95 m deep well,
  • underground water well and pipeline;
  • warehouse with 60 m² (5×12 m), for the implements and other agricultural utensils
  • 2 extreme walled, that confront with paved roads, asphalted and with public illumination and also another two sealed with plastified network, that confront with the line of water and with the neighboring farms

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Eduardo VII Park

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Lisbon Metro

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Santos / 24 Julho / Docks

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Climbing Centre

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