Benefits of Listing with a Real Estate Agent

Benefits of Listing with a Real Estate Agent

Benefits of Listing with a Real Estate Agent

The Benefits of Listing with a Real Estate Agent are that it is much easier than trying to sell your property yourself. When you put your property on the market yourself, you are now acting as your own agent.  This means that you and you alone are in charge of everything.

Selling yourself means you must be available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. This is so a buyer can contact you when it is convenient for them not just for you. Most people believe using an answering machine or voice mail will help. This has proven that most people would not leave a message and you could lose a possible buyer. Most people like to speak to a real person, and when they want information most people want it right away. Having a Real Estate agent means these calls will be taken care of immediately. The agencies also have a team on hand waiting to answer any incoming calls and questions.

Going alone also means you must know what your house is worth in today’s market; you could price it too high or too low. There is also the purchase agreements to write up, contracts for the sale of the property and a lot more to consider, This is when you really need a trained professional Real Estate agent so you do not take the risk of being taken for a ride by a crooked buyer. The Real Estate agent will pre qualify the buyer before they are brought to your property for a viewing. Doing all this on your own can be time consuming and the deal for selling your property can take a lot longer to do if you are trying to do it alone.

Reasons to use a Real Estate Agent in Portugal

The main reasons to use a Real Estate agent in Portugal is for the exposure, when selling on your own your field of advertising is limited where as a Real Estate agent can have your property listed in multiple listing services. This means the agent can have your property viewed by anyone in the country at any time.

Many people steer clear of Real Estate agents as they think the commission is high but look at it this way, if you try to sell on your own the money you will spend in advertising, lawyers, paperwork etc it works out cheaper to employ an agent.