Ocean Key Property After Sales

Ocean Key Property After-Sales

Ocean Key Property After Sales team will help you with all your needs and make sure your experience in buying a property is worry-free.

Please see below some of the services Ocean Key Property will provide in our after-sales service.

  • Obtaining a Rental License
  • Property Insurance
  • Furniture Packs
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • WIFI
  • Renovations
  • Building works
  • Banks
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Currency brokers
  • Solar Panels
  • Air conditioning installations
  • Swimming pools

For more information on our services please feel free to contact Ocean Key Property info@oceankeyproperty.com

Rental License

If your property does not already have a rental license for holiday lets our after-sales team will help you to get one. A rental license is needed to rent out your property in Portugal


We can also assist you in finding the right insurance company to insure your property and its contents. 

Furniture packs

We also have a few furniture companies we work with who can provide and install a wide range of furnishings. These types of companies offer furniture packs to suit your budget and will also deliver and install everything as part of the package.

Property Updating

We will also help you with any building works such as refurbishments, a complete renovation, or for a full build of a property. As with any project, we will discuss every step with you before any work is done.

Banks and Mortgages

If you are in need of a mortgage we can also introduce you to banks that we trust with our clients. We can also arrange to have a simulation for a mortgage done for you before you arrive. This simulation will give you a better idea of how much you can spend on purchasing a property. What you will need for a mortgage we will send you via email so you will know what to bring with you for the bank.


It is also good to have an accountant in place if you are planning on renting out your property. Your accountant can also let you know what you will need to register guests who will be renting your property and much more.


If you do not already have a lawyer we can also provide you with one will be with you for the whole process of your purchase and will be there for any legal questions you may have. Your lawyer will also make sure that the property’s documents are in order before advising you to proceed with the purchase. After the purchase, your lawyer will then have the documents updated with your information.

Currency Brokers

When buying a property it is often necessary to exchange large sums of money. These types of transactions are always best to be done by a currency broker.

Below you will find the currency broker we recommend to all our clients

If you need to know how the currency market works please follow the following link https://www.currencyindex.co.uk/Agent/oceankey or for more information on the buying process in Portugal please see the following link https://www.oceankeyproperty.com/buying-a-property-in-portugal/

Ocean Key Property After Sales, Ocean Key Property After Sales

Questions you may have before you purchase

  • Can we afford to purchase a property?
  • Can we also earn extra income from the property etc?
  • What are the good rental areas?
  • Will we also need a rental license?
  • How do we get a rental license?
  • Also what type of insurance do we need for a rental property?
  • What do we need to open a bank account?
  • How do we get a mortgage?
  • Can we ask for a mortgage simulation?
  • How old do you have to be to get a mortgage?
  • What information will the bank need for a mortgage?
  • At what age will a bank refuse a mortgage?
  • How do we get residence papers?
  • What is needed to apply for residency?
  • How do we get a fiscal number?
  • Do we also need an accountant?
  • Will our accountant also charge us monthly?
  • What will a lawyer charge us?
  • What currency company do we use to transfer funds?
  • If outside Europe what do we need for a Golden Visa?
  • What is a Golden Visa?
  • How many people can be on a Golden Visa?
  • What type of lands can we build on?
  • Also what lands can we farm on?
  • How do we arrange property viewings?
  • How do we transfer water, gas, and electricity into our name?
  • Who do we get insurance from?
  • What type of insurance will we need?
  • What will the insurance cover?
  • Will you be with us for the signing of the deeds?
We at Ocean Key Property are here to help you answer all your questions before and after your purchase.

Ocean Key Property After Sales, Ocean Key Property After Sales

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